Clubhouse: an app for events?

APAC ECD, Adam Harriden on the rise of the Clubhouse app.

The app's exclusivity can build attendees’ social currency, according to Adam Harriden, executive creative director at Invnt Group, APAC.

Adam Harriden, executive creative director at [INVNT GROUP], APAC, believes Clubhouse can benefit the industry by helping to keep things fresh and offering a new way of meeting.

“Allowing users to select topics that interest them when they join the app means host brands will attract audiences who are actually interested in what they have to say; this helps promote meaningful attendee networking, as people join forces based on their common passions,” he said.

While the invite-only part can be seen as restrictive, Harriden said invite-only experiences are nothing new. Choosing to host an event on Clubhouse could actually elevate a brand’s status.

“This exclusivity can also encourage users to share their favourite quotes or takeaways from a chat outside of the room – for example, they might push out a handful of live tweets for their followers to read up on,” he said. “This builds attendees’ social currency because they share with the world that they have access to Clubhouse, and it extends the reach of the host brand.”

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Clubhouse: an app for events?
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