[INVNT GROUP] announces strategic alliance between Meaning and Purposeful Change consultancies

The Drum covers the new Meaning and Purposeful Change alliance.

Simon Lamb (pictured) will jointly lead Meaning with Allan Fair to provide clients with a hybrid creative-consultancy agency

Invnt Group has confirmed its strategic alliance between Meaning – the creative-led culture consultancy it launched in 2020 – and Purposeful Change – an organizational transformation consultancy.

The move sees Allan Fair, chief culture officer of Meaning, and Simon Lamb, founder of Purposeful Change, jointly lead Meaning.

Under the new alliance, Lamb will take on the role of convener-in-chief for Meaning.

Fair and Lamb’s passion for organizational transformation made them fast friends, having first met in 2018 when they were paired together on a culture and creative project for Microsoft.

Fast forward to 2021 and the alliance enables them to join forces once more. Meaning will offer experiential storytelling expertise in Fair, who has spent over 15 years in creative roles, while Purposeful Change has proven its transformation methodology thanks to Lamb’s 20+ years of organizational transformation experience, working with the likes of HSBC and Nike.

Together the pair will provide brands, organizations and communities with a unique suite of systemic culture change processes that enable them to solve the big, urgent challenges of the 21st century.

Fair explains: “Businesses are concerned about missed inflexion points, attracting and retaining talent, diversity, equity and inclusion, to name a few, not to mention the ongoing pandemic and social justice movements.

“Leaders are concerned about mental health, sustainability and even climate change. Meaning is leading the global movement towards a new generation of consultants that are helping organizations evolve from for-profit to for-purpose.”

Lamb adds: “We’ve brought together wisdom, academia, neuroscience, storytelling and passion to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy that is committed to connecting leaders’ deeper sense of purpose in order to help them create future-fit organizations driven by a responsibility to a greater good.”

In their work with clients, Fair and Lamb will draw on the evolutionary methodology they’ve developed for Meaning, which is curated from and inspired by human-centred design, agile design thinking, cognitive psychology, systems thinking and ’Theory U’ – an innovation and purpose-led transformation methodology developed by Otto Scharmer at MIT.

Meaning was incubated as a prototype through The U.Academy of the Presencing Institute founded by Scharmer.

Commenting on the wider strategy behind the alliance, Scott Cullather, president and chief executive officer of Invnt Group, says: “Very early on in our dealings with Simon we recognized there was a unique partnership opportunity at play, one that would enable us to join forces to provide a type of culture consultancy not currently available in the market and develop the tools and proprietary methodologies necessary to embed the culture shifts resulting from the in-person and virtual events designed and produced by our global live brand storytelling agency, Invnt.

“We launched the Group with the intention to evolve and take shape over time as our clients’ needs change, and this is yet another example of our commitment to them. With so many organizations fundamentally shifting the way they operate, company culture is not only more important than ever, but a humanistic, creative approach backed up by data and metrics is essential for connecting with and motivating employees virtually and ultimately ensuring business success in the longterm.”

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[INVNT GROUP] announces strategic alliance between Meaning and Purposeful Change consultancies
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