Creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning launches

Meaning forms part Part of [INVNT GROUP], the global BrandStory project.

The consultancy is dedicated to helping companies win the war for talent and drive productivity through a more refined focus on culture, purpose and the shifts in consciousness required to lead people and teams today.

Led by Chief Culture Officer, Allan Fair, the consultancy launched after he and [INVNT GROUP] leadership identified a gap in the marketplace and an opportunity when it comes to corporate culture services, particularly during this time of uncertainty.

Fair explains: “While there will always be a market for traditional consulting, Meaning is a creative-driven, storytelling-based alternative designed to ignite a human connection to consultative data and metrics.

“This enables companies to define and breathe life into a purpose that moves stakeholders and employees to transcend the transactional, for the good of individuals, organizations, and even society.”

Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP] adds: “We’re working with some of the most progressive thought-leaders in the culture consulting space, merging behavioral theory with neuroscience and experience design to offer an IP that companies can leverage to transform themselves and lift their values and purpose off the page.”

Learn more about the [INVNT GROUP] offering, which is structured so that brands can work with one, some or all of the company’s disciplines depending on their unique campaign objectives, here.

Creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning launches
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