INVNT Group launches to help brands with global storytelling efforts

Invnt has launched Invnt Group, the global ‘brand story‘ project, compromised of a portfolio of complementary disciplines that serve clients at every and any stage of the storytelling cycle.

The initiative enables organizations to weave a consistent, meaningful, well-articulated ‘BrandStory‘ through every interaction with their audiences in personalized, regionally specific ways irrespective of platform.

The portfolio – poised to expand and available to clients across the globe – currently comprises modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero; branded content and digital marketing studio, Hevé; global live brand storytelling agency, Invnt, and creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning – which launched on the same day.

Scott Cullather, chief executive officer of Invnt, will assume the role of president and chief executive of Invnt Group. He will focus on continuing the growth and expansion of the project, which has already seen integrated campaigns with globally renowned brands such as General Motors, Merck, Genesis, PepsiCo and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Cullather said: “Every organization we meet wants less layers, fewer gaps, less big agency red tape, and a higher caliber of consistent, integrated storytelling across every audience. So, we’re building and investing in an offering that enables forward-thinking brands everywhere to drive deeper relationships with the audiences that matter most to them, anywhere.

“[Invnt Group] is structured for clients to build a tailored solution where they can work with one, some or all of our disciplines as an integrated team.”

Invnt Group is led by a board of directors, made up of Cullather and INVNT president and CEO – and now the group’s chief operating offier – Kristina McCoobery, chief creative officer Paul Blurton, chief financial officer Wolf Karbe, chief creative officer Jerry Deeney and non-executive chairman, John Wringe. Laura Roberts has been appointed managing director for the group in APAC to oversee its rapid expansion in the region.

McCoobery said of her recent appointment: “In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in brands and organizations wanting to connect with their audiences beyond the ‘big event,’ and seek out more integrated marketing and messaging strategies.

“With the launch of Invnt Group, Invnt will continue to develop and deploy events that excite and unite physical and virtual audiences; and at the same time, provide clients with access to a much broader suite of services, ensuring consistency of BrandStory across the board.”

Meaning, led by newly-appointed chief culture officer, Allan Fair – who will also retain his role as executive creative director at the agency – is dedicated to helping companies procure talent and drive productivity through a more refined focus on culture, purpose and the shifts in consciousness required to lead people and teams today.

Fair said: “We’ve identified a gap in the marketplace and an opportunity when it comes to corporate culture services. While there will always be a market for traditional consulting, Meaning is a creative-driven, storytelling-based alternative designed to ignite a human connection to consultative data and metrics. This enables companies to define and breathe life into a purpose that moves stakeholders and employees to transcend the transactional, for the good of individuals, organizations, and even society.”

INVNT Group launches to help brands with global storytelling efforts
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