Creative Agency & Production Studio HEVĒ™ Teams Up with The Sunflower Network to Support Ukrainian Artists at the ‘Sonya’ Pop-Up Exhibition in New York City

Creative agency and production studio, HEVĒ – part of [INVNT GROUP] The Global BrandStory Project – is proud to partner with Sunflower Network, a non-profit organization focused on providing direct and essential aid to Ukrainians in need, presenting the Sonya exhibition. Located in New York City’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood, Sonya will be a physical pop-up and online charity art gallery and fundraising space showcasing extraordinary art from contemporary Ukrainian artists. Brought directly from Ukraine to New York City by the team at Sunflower Project, these pieces each tell their own story of art, war, and identity.

The Sonya exhibition will display the works and portray the stories of 10 Ukrainian artists who range in background and occupation, including some of whom are currently on the front lines of the war with Russia. The works will feature sculptures and paintings directly from Ukraine, with the aim of connecting people across the world with the perspectives of the Ukrainian people, and Sunflower Network’s mission.

HEVĒ, the award-winning studio, is developing Sunflower Networks’ brand film which features footage captured on the ground. Communicating the purpose behind the Network, this film will be debuted at the Sonya exhibition opening reception on November 9th.

On the new collaboration, CEO of HEVĒ, Chris Hercik, states “At HEVĒ, we strive to tell great stories because we believe in their potential to make an impact and move humans to action. It is stories like that of the Sunflower Network that fit so perfectly into our ethos, and I am humbled by the collaboration and passion from the team in bringing this brand film to life.”

Sunflower Network is a humanitarian organization and network of people on a mission to directly activate and empower Ukraine’s emergency supply chain. To date, Sunflower Network has delivered over $1,000,000 in critical relief from bringing first aid supplies to the front lines, and giving hygienic products and clothing to displaced civilians, to funding and delivering ambulances to the cities hit hardest by destruction.

“Sunflower Network is a community united around making a difference which is achieved by empowering people to leverage their own unique talents and interests to serve those who need it most,” said founder and CEO of Sunflower Network, Dustin Ross. “HEVE’s membership in our Sunflower Network community exemplifies this ethos: their shared passion for making a difference plus expertise in evocative storytelling will allow us to directly impact so many people in need. Through our connection, collaboration, and shared values, we arrived at a brand film that, like Sunflower Network, inspires impact.”

Sonya will function as a space for community, fundraising events, and the promotion of Ukrainian arts and culture, with the aim of offering showcased artists a platform to expand their creative journey and careers while supporting their country in the process.

The exhibition will be open to the public from November 10 to December 2.

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Creative Agency & Production Studio HEVĒ™ Teams Up with The Sunflower Network to Support Ukrainian Artists at the ‘Sonya’ Pop-Up Exhibition in New York City
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