How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Business Events

[INVNT GROUP] President & CEO, Scott Cullather joined leading business event professionals to discuss the future of the industry.

2020 was the year of virtual events. As companies pivoted to online events using virtual platforms, through necessity we learned that virtual events are more than capable of matching (and in some cases exceeding) the expectations set by in-person events. They have now become permanent fixtures in the global business event landscape. 

As the world slowly begins to re-open and the return of in-person gatherings gets closer, event planners are faced with a new challenge: How to combine the power of in-person with the scalability and global reach of virtual events? 

The short answer is that virtual events are not going anywhere. As we move forward, the next generation of business events will see a convergence of in-person and virtual environments that create hyper-engaging, immersive experiences. The power of virtual allows us to create lasting content that exists beyond a single place and moment in time – and events simply cannot move forward without incorporating online elements. 

On April 29th, we hosted a roundtable discussion on this very topic featuring event professionals from INVNT GroupEncore and The American Society of Anesthesiologists to hear their thoughts about the future of hybrid events

Watch a clip of the conversation and read a summary of the full video on INXPO’s site here.

How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Business Events
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