Five big technology trends shaping trade shows and events

Tech trends from the biggest events, including INVNT’s partnership with GM at CES 2021.

Five Big Technology Trends Shaping Trade Shows and Events

When General Motors rolled out its new electric battery capabilities at CES last month, the car advancement was only part of the story. The presentation, viewed by thousands at the entirely virtual trade show, was a case study for how the world will consume information in the future.

INVNT, an innovative branding and events company, partnered with GM to create virtual environments to simulate the car company’s research and development laboratory. The keynote team used 3-D imagery to take a deep d(r)ive into the inner workings of the technology.

Making this all possible was a mixed-reality LED arena, powered by Epic Games Unreal Engine. The immersive presentation told a powerful story geared toward an audience keenly aware of how technology changes the world. The customization INVNT demonstrated for both its client, GM, and the audience, is worth taking note.

“Our strategy was to create an experience which was relevant to the CES audience, by balancing high-end production values with a storytelling methodology that would highlight GM’s transformational approach to electrification,” explained Jerry Deeney, chief client officer at INVNT’s parent company, [INVNT GROUP].

The evolution of augmented and virtual reality, and what the means for communication/marketing going forward, is just one of the big-picture changes CES displayed. While the event did not necessarily showcase as many new products as it has in years past, it served as a reference check for how companies are changing the way they do business through technology.

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Five big technology trends shaping trade shows and events
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