Where will remote working take us?

Event agencies share lessons from lockdown and make predictions about the future of work. [INVNT GROUP] APAC Managing Director, Laura Roberts comments on our agency’s lessons.

Company meetings and appraisals via video, virtual site inspections, communications solely via email and webchat, remote working… welcome to the ‘new normal’ of the event agency office. But just how challenging is this in practice and what lessons have been learnt thus far?

By the very nature of their job, event planners are used to working with multiple clients across different time zones at all hours of the day, using technology to facilitate this. 

Agency Invnt has adopted the ‘LennHill’ approach to people management. This combines the compassion and honesty associated with the former Beatles’ singer John Lennon with the more operational-focused leadership style of former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“Our global company-wide calls shifted from quarterly to weekly to ensure employees were kept up to date with the business, and we used the calls to thank our people for their resilience,” says Laura Roberts, managing director at Invnt Group, APAC.

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Where will remote working take us?
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