Corporate Success During a Crisis – ‘LennHill Approach,’ A Winning Strategy

This piece explores the LennHill approach, a framework ideated by Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP]

‘The Credit Crisis of 1772,’ ‘the Great Depression,’ ‘The OPEC Oil Price Shock,’ ‘the Asian Crisis,’ ‘the Financial Crisis of 2008.’

The world’s history is dominated by a number of major crises that crushed the global economy, led businesses towards downfall, pushed people out of employment, and made people go into bankruptcy. Regardless of these excessively damaging events, there were people who brought in smart approaches and introduced effective frameworks that worked wonders in countering the ‘after-effects.’

In 2019, the world was hit by a crisis, once again. The outbreak of COVID-19 pushed the world into financial chaos, created havoc among business owners, and put millions across the world out of employment. Where on one hand, organizations were struggling to stay afloat, there were innovators and leaders, like Scott Cullather, who diverted their focus into devising strategies that could help companies stay stable even during a major crisis.

The President and CEO of INVNT GROUP, the global BrandStory project, a complementary portfolio of marketing disciplines, and co-founder of INVNT, the global live brand storytelling agency, Scott, is one of those individuals who did not give up and has kept working to keep his company’s functions up and running throughout the pandemic. Scott Cullather did not let his company’s operations come to a halt even during a phase where people were locked into their homes, and businesses were shutting down.

Scott introduced a framework in his company that helped him keep up with the pandemic-driven evolution. Inspired by two of the greatest leaders of all time, John Lennon and Winston Churchill, the co-founder of INVNT GROUP, launched amid the pandemic in June of 2020 – and INVNT designed the ‘LennHill’ approach. It helped him streamline the operations of his company during this crisis.

A Dynamic Approach that Leads Businesses towards Stability

Running a business is not easy, and doing that amidst a crisis, such as COVID-19, is an entirely new challenge. The fact that INVNT was founded during the United States’ recession period of 2008 is one of the things that gave Scott an upper edge when it comes to dealing with financial hits and chaos. He was able to grow his company from just one office to eight offices in five countries, that too during an economic recession.

Scott’s leadership style, which now includes the LennHill approach, has helped him better manage his workforce in a ‘virtual’ workplace. The approach led his business to success in a time of high uncertainty. As per his article, “4 Ways To Adapt Your Leadership Style During COVID-19” published in Forbes ‘It centers around a dichotomy of, firstly, practicing compassion, honesty, and transparency.’ He has strategically merged John Lennon’s take on life and Winston Churchill’s leadership style.

Scott’s strategy is really a “two sides of the same coin” kind of approach. On the Lennon side, the focus is on ensuring employers are honest, transparent, and empathetic, keeping their employees updated about situations at all times. As employees play such an important role in the success of any business, the leaders must keep them in the loop.  The framework encourages employees to stay connected to their team leads and colleagues too, via initiatives such as innovative and engaging virtual team check-ins Scott, who has been named top virtual meetings and events innovator by Eventex, states, “We’re all working towards the same goal, after all,” emphasizing communication between employees and employers.

Meanwhile, the Churchill side of leadership refers to assessing and reassessing things like operational costs and staff headcount to ensure the business remains viable even during the toughest times. It is, indeed, crucial for a company to focus on building the employees’ morale, but it is equally important to ensure smooth running operations, and LennHill aims to facilitate that.

Together, this approach takes care of the workforce’s morale by keeping them in the loop throughout while making strategic decisions that work in the company’s best interest and, therefore, the employees’ best interest. It is a framework that has been conceptualized on the fact that while it is important to value the employees, a company must carefully balance this with the decisions they make, which favor the business.

Scott Cullather, a man with an ability to think-out-of-the-box, is implementing LennHill throughout his company and shares the framework with his peers wherever possible to ensure they are best equipped to navigate these times too.

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Corporate Success During a Crisis – ‘LennHill Approach,’ A Winning Strategy
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