Career evolution in the hybrid event revolution

Claudia Stephenson, Managing Director of [INVNT GROUP], EMEA shares predictions for the future of hybrid with Virtual Events Institute.

In a year of seismic changes and challenges, virtual and hybrid events are emerging as a vast growth category – and a source of job creation. For event planners, what will be the new opportunities and where do they lie?

Techie jobs aren’t the only roles on the rise. Once the business events industry settles and planners embrace new meeting models, there will be a spike in the number of events being delivered, particularly if monetized effectively. The sector will expand significantly and there will be a surge of various new roles and jobs.

Claudia Stephenson, managing director of INVNT Group EMEA, explains: “As hybrid events cater to two different yet interconnected audiences and settings, there’s a careful balancing act at play here. With this in mind, we could definitely see roles like hybrid event producers, technical directors or creatives emerge – they’ll have a unique background that combines both live event and TV production experience.

“Meanwhile others may choose to specialise in in-person or virtual experiences only, and they’ll collaborate with their respective counterparts to ensure elements like brand messaging and look and feel are aligned across both the in-person and virtual environments. There will be increased opportunities to invest in the tech, meaning demand for specialised, tech-savvy talent will rise.”

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Career evolution in the hybrid event revolution
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