Why success in 2021 will be dependent on the health of your BrandStory

By Kristina McCoobery, CEO, INVNT and COO [INVNT GROUP]

Renowned company, start-up in its early stages of development, individual… We’ve all got a unique story to tell. Have you checked in on the health of yours?

The world has undergone a seismic shift in 2020. We’ve been living through an unprecedented time amid the pandemic, and with a vaccine not yet available, re-thinking your company and/or personal BrandStory will be essential to success in 2021. 

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Why the emphasis on BrandStory?

It’s our key differentiator in a crowded market – the BrandStory speaks to our history, purpose, why we came to be, and our unique selling propositions.

Telling a compelling BrandStory is a must in a crowded marketplace where consumers are not only busier and more distracted than ever—a pre pandemic trend—their wants and needs have changed dramatically.

A compelling BrandStory prevents audiences from viewing it as just another brand name or tag line, and it adds an important human layer – something consumers are craving at a time when the in-person interactions they are accustomed are not possible.

It’s essential to ongoing growth… But must evolve as the world around us does if we want to achieve success in 2021.

How to ensure success in 2021 using your BrandStory

There are several factors to consider when re-working your BrandStory:

  • Reflect. Consider what your story was pre COVID-19, what it was at the height of the pandemic, and what needs to change to ensure success in 2021. How do you view your business now, and what have your biggest challenges or bugbears been?
  • Audience research. Unearth information about your audience – how have they changed during the pandemic? Are you still targeting the right consumer groups? Who knows, your audience may have even expanded over the last few months.
  • What do people think? Conducting independent research into the brand will help you understand how it’s perceived publicly. Look at what’s being said about it in the press, or on social, how it’s adding value, and any areas of improvement and/or opportunity.
  • Consolidate. The thing is, most brands have multiple messages circulating. So, leaning on the information extracted through this reflective, research-driven process, it’s time to consolidate them into one consistent BrandStory. This will ensure maximum cut through as audiences know exactly who you are, what you do, and importantly – how you can help them.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, fear not – there are companies out there that specialize in doing this for you, like our brand strategy firm, Folk Hero.

My BrandStory is A-OK – now what?

It’s time to share your BrandStory. Now you’re armed with the latest information about your target audience, you’ll know how they want your help, which platforms they use, and at what times.

The campaign might span web and social, a TV spot, interactive live virtual experience, or through some consultancy work you might find your company culture requires some attention, and so you choose to deliver a series of virtual experiences which bring everyone together.

We’ve seen the rise of integrated campaigns in recent years, so it’s normal that the BrandStory may be ripe for sharing across multiple platforms, too. It’s one of the key reasons we launched [INVNT GROUP], a complementary portfolio of four marketing disciplines, earlier this year.

Your BrandStory is one of your most important assets, so make sure you take the time out to check on its ‘health’ now, in 2021, and beyond.

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Why success in 2021 will be dependent on the health of your BrandStory
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