Innovative strategies for pitching new business during a pandemic

[INVNT GROUP] President & CEO, Scott Cullather shares some of his thoughts.

Nothing breeds innovation like adversity, and this year has brought a wave of challenges that have pushed agencies to tweak and fine-tune—or rethink entirely—their usual way of doing things. With in-person meetings ruled out and budgets tightened up across the board, agency leaders have had to come up with novel ways to connect with and meet the needs of prospective clients—whether that means shifting offerings, spreading the word or giving a human touch to a seemingly endless stream of Zoom calls. Agencies also have a duty to guide clients through the current cultural moment, helping them evolve in meaningful ways.

Scott Cullather,

Breaking with monotony

Virtual meetings can feel like a drag—precisely the opposite emotion you want to elicit from a pitch. To beat the boredom, agencies have come up with inventive ways to infuse energy into client meetups. “We’ve focused on ways to include a physical and/or personal element,” says Scott Cullather, president and CEO at New York-based [INVNT GROUP]. “Think virtual trivia, mock-ups in the mail and tech to enhance the experience.”

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Innovative strategies for pitching new business during a pandemic
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