Launch Events Try to Fit Their Parties in a Box

The coronavirus has crushed the live-events industry. Gift boxes are offering a temporary lifeline to some producers.

Jerry Derry, Chief Client Officer at [INVNT GROUP] spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s Katie Deighton about how INVNT partnered with Cadillac on shifting the physical launch of their all-electric LYRIQ vehicle to a virtual experience. As part of this, media and VIPs received a craftmanship box:

Many event producers are training themselves in the scaled-down craft of building a box to stand out among the mailer maelstrom.

A good gift box is expected to lead the recipient through an intuitive unboxing sequence that is achieved through packaging in layers, said Jerry Deeney, chief client officer at event agency Invnt Group.

He and his team had to educate themselves in box-making and design for the mailers that were delivered before the virtual reveal of the Cadillac Lyriq car in August.

“There are so many decisions you have to make around things like materials, weight, the use of magnets to keep the lid closed, and the way in which the objects are inserted and removed from the box in a way that tells a story,” Mr. Deeney said.

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Launch Events Try to Fit Their Parties in a Box
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