Innovators of Tomorrow, Contributing to the Changing Face of Virtual Experiences & Wider Marketing Sector

It does not come as a surprise when we say that a lot of things will change post-COVID-19. The global pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down and several others to endure heavy losses.

Several organizations and leaders, however,  have also pivoted their approach to survive the pandemic, demonstrating both resilience and creativity in the process. With a complete return to face-to-face brand experiences not yet in sight for many countries, they have taken it upon themselves to create virtual solutions and experiences. Eventex has identified the innovators who are working to enhance the virtual experiences that will not only help businesses stabilize during this pandemic, but also enable them to run their operations smoothly once it is over. 

One of the 50 innovators, changemakers, and pioneers of virtual experiences is Scott Robert Cullather, President and CEO of [INVNT GROUP], the global brand story project, and co-founder of INVNT, the global live brand storytelling agency. Founded in 2008, INVNT endured that global recession, and twelve years later has expanded into [INVNT GROUP], a newly formed portfolio of brand disciplines, with eight offices in five countries, during the pandemic.

Embracing the Changing Trends of the Industry

Scott is one of those leaders who has embraced the changing trends and challenges brought on by COVID-19, and of the marketing industry more broadly, even pre-COVID-19. He is well aware that things are constantly and rapidly changing around the world, a move that prompted the launch of [INVNT GROUP].

INVNT has and will continue to help brands amplify and express their brand stories in live, face-to-face, and virtual settings in engaging ways. Moreover, the rise of live has seen an increased demand for integrated marketing campaigns where live plays a prominent role.

With the launch of [INVNT GROUP], the company will now create consistent, meaningful, well-articulated brand stories for clients, irrespective of audience or platform. This is because, in addition to INVNT, the portfolio spans creative culture consultancy, Meaning, modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero, and branded content studio, HEVĒ.

Describing [INVNT GROUP], Scott Cullather explains:“Every organization we meet wants less layers, fewer gaps, less big agency red tape, and a higher caliber of consistent, integrated storytelling across every audience. So, we’re building and investing in an offering that enables forward-thinking brands everywhere to drive deeper relationships with the audiences that matter most to them, anywhere.

According to The Drum“[Invnt Group] is structured for clients to build a tailored solution where they can work with one, some or all of our disciplines as an integrated team.”


Part of the company’s success is down to Scott’s decision to develop and leverage a leadership style and framework that he calls ‘LennHill,’ which combines those leadership traits of John Lennon with that of Winston Churchill.  It involves a compassionate, honest and transparent communication style – values that reflect John Lennon’s take on life, with the ability and ‘stomach’ to make swift, difficult, yet essential structural and logistical business decisions – all traits of Winston Churchill.

He states that on the John Lennon side, “You’re regularly communicating with your teams about the status of the business through a variety of different platforms and introducing morale-boosting activities like virtual post-work drinks, trivia, and DJ sessions.”

On the other hand, the Winston Churchill approach involves: “Looking at what needs to be done in order to fight most effectively, so that we never, ever find ourselves in a situation where we have to surrender. 

“We’re analyzing things like the revenues, the operating costs, and the staff headcount,” Scott adds.

Scott explains that the best leaders are able to balance these two approaches to arrive at the ideal blend.

A Forward-Thinking Leader

The strategies that Scott Cullather has designed for his company are both helping his business stabilize during the pandemic, and may even give it an edge over its competitors in the post-pandemic era.

Scott has been recognized as an innovator by Eventex for his ability to shape the virtual world of experiences and events and has incorporated a smart operational framework through strategies like the [INVNT GROUP] launch and LennHill style of leadership. He is the type of leader who is not only capable of running a business smoothly through a pandemic; he possesses the type of mindset that can maximize a business’ potential during uncertain times.   

Innovators of Tomorrow, Contributing to the Changing Face of Virtual Experiences & Wider Marketing Sector
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